1. green light a signal to proceed
  2. footlights theater light at the front of a stage that illuminate the set and actors
  3. curly-heads shrubby clematis of the eastern United States having curly foliage
  4. houselights lights that illuminate the audience's part of a theater or other auditorium
  5. growling a gruff or angry utterance
  6. chorioallantois the very vascular fetal membrane composed of the fused chorion and adjacent wall of the allantois
  7. gaslight light yielded by the combustion of illuminating gas
  8. rear light lamp (usually red) mounted at the rear of a motor vehicle
  9. Very light a colored flare fired from a Very pistol
  10. cigar lighter a lighter for cigars or cigarettes
  11. by rights with reason or justice
  12. gray alder native to Europe but introduced in America
  13. grey alder native to Europe but introduced in America
  14. Golan Heights a fortified hilly area between southern Lebanon and southern Syria
  15. Carl Lewis United States athlete who won gold medals at the Olympics for his skill in sprinting and jumping (born in 1961)
  16. Corallorhiza genus of leafless root-parasitic orchids having small purplish or yellowish racemose flowers with lobed lips; widely distributed in temperate regions
  17. correlative expressing a reciprocal or complementary relation
  18. growth changing gradually from a simple to a more complex level
  19. correlated mutually related
  20. Karol Wojtyla the first Pope born in Poland

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