1. Corpus Christi Thursday after Trinity Sunday; first celebrated in 1246
  2. treasure chest a chest filled with valuables
  3. group practice (medicine) the practice of medicine by a group of physicians who share their premises and other resources
  4. prerequisite something that is needed or obligatory in advance
  5. Cryptocercus cockroaches
  6. Grub Street the world of literary hacks
  7. crepe Suzette crepes flamed in a sweet orange-and-lemon flavored liqueur sauce
  8. copper oxide an oxide of copper
  9. on request on the occasion of a request
  10. grape-sized having the approximate size of a grape
  11. group discussion a discussion among participants who have an agreed topic
  12. genus Roccus a genus of Serranidae
  13. corpus delicti the body of evidence that constitute the offence
  14. Barbary Coast the Mediterranean coast of northern Africa that was famous for its Moorish pirates
  15. Conocarpus erectus evergreen tree or shrub with fruit resembling buttons and yielding heavy hard compact wood
  16. request express the need or desire for; ask for
  17. group insurance insurance that is purchased by a group (such as the employees of a company) usually at a reduced rate to individual members of the group
  18. curb service service provided to customers who remain in their vehicles
  19. houseguest a guest entertained in your house
  20. croupier's rake a small rake used by a croupier to move chips around on the table