1. grind away study intensively, as before an exam
  2. Granada a city in southeastern Spain that was the capital of the Moorish kingdom until it was captured by Ferdinand and Isabella in 1492; site of the Alhambra (a palace and fortress built by Moors in the Middle Ages) which is now a major tourist attraction
  3. Grenada an island state in the West Indies in the southeastern Caribbean Sea; an independent state within the British Commonwealth
  4. grind reduce to small pieces or particles by pounding or abrading
  5. Crinoidea sea lilies
  6. Gyrinidae whirligig beetles
  7. caranday South American palm yielding a wax similar to carnauba wax
  8. grandee a nobleman of highest rank in Spain or Portugal
  9. grenade a small explosive device thrown by hand
  10. grand large and impressive in physical size or extent
  11. granddaddy the father of your father or mother
  12. Grindelia large genus of coarse gummy herbs of western North and Central America
  13. green tea tea leaves that have been steamed and dried without fermenting
  14. grenadier an infantryman equipped with grenades
  15. carinate having a ridge or shaped like a ridge or suggesting the keel of a ship
  16. crinoid of or relating to or belonging to the class Crinoidea
  17. granite plutonic igneous rock having visibly crystalline texture
  18. grantee a recipient of a grant
  19. ground the solid part of the earth's surface
  20. Garand a semiautomatic rifle

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