1. condescending characteristic of those who treat others with arrogance
  2. grass-eating feeding on grasses
  3. resounding characterized by loud, deep sound
  4. corresponding similar especially in position or purpose
  5. resonating characterized by resonance
  6. consenting having given agreement
  7. genus Muntingia one species: Jamaican cherry
  8. deer hunting hunting deer
  9. assenting agreeing with or consenting to (often unwillingly)
  10. fox hunting mounted hunters follow hounds in pursuit of a fox
  11. grass pink European pink cultivated for its very fragrant pink or rosy flowers
  12. dissenting disagreeing, especially with a majority
  13. genre painting a genre depicting everyday life
  14. fascinating capable of arousing and holding the attention
  15. recounting an act of narration
  16. coordinating serving to connect two grammatical constituents of identical construction
  17. ranting a loud bombastic declamation expressed with strong emotion
  18. grasping immoderately desirous of acquiring e.g. wealth
  19. cross-pollinating of or relating to or characteristic of cross-pollination
  20. grass snake harmless European snake with a bright yellow collar