1. graphic art the arts of drawing or painting or printmaking
  2. graphic artist an artist who designs and makes prints
  3. graphics photographs or other visual representations in a printed publication
  4. Geert Geerts Dutch humanist and theologian who was the leading Renaissance scholar of northern Europe; although his criticisms of the Roman Catholic Church led to the Reformation, he opposed violence and condemned Martin Luther (1466-1536)
  5. graphically in a graphic way
  6. graphic design visual communication by a skillful combination of text and pictures in advertisements, magazines, books, etc.
  7. graphical relating to or presented by a graph
  8. Raphicerus African antelopes: steenboks
  9. graphic written or drawn or engraved
  10. keratoscleritis inflammation of the cornea and sclera of the eye
  11. graphite used as a lubricant and as a moderator in nuclear reactors
  12. golf cart a small motor vehicle in which golfers can ride between shots
  13. geographic area a demarcated area of the Earth
  14. golfcart a small motor vehicle in which golfers can ride between shots
  15. traffic court a court that has power to prosecute for traffic offenses
  16. clavichord an early stringed instrument like a piano but with more delicate sound
  17. graphologist a specialist in inferring character from handwriting
  18. rose quartz a translucent rose-red variety of quartz used for ornaments
  19. atrophic arthritis a chronic autoimmune disease with inflammation of the joints and marked deformities; something (possibly a virus) triggers an attack on the synovium by the immune system, which releases cytokines that stimulate an inflammatory reaction that can lead to the destruction of all components of the joint
  20. Sea of Cortes a gulf to the west of the mainland of Mexico