1. orangutang large, long-armed apes that live mostly in trees
  2. price cutting cutting the price of merchandise to one lower than the usual or advertised price
  3. press cutting an excerpt cut from a newspaper or magazine
  4. crocheting needlework done by interlocking looped stitches with a hooked needle
  5. king whiting whiting of the southeastern coast of North America
  6. communicating the activity of conveying information
  7. cost cutting the act of cutting costs
  8. wrongdoing departure from what is ethically acceptable
  9. graining a texture like that of wood
  10. grating unpleasantly harsh in sound
  11. Guangdong a province in southern China
  12. Kwangtung a province in southern China
  13. transmitting the act of sending a message
  14. grafting the act of grafting something onto something else
  15. banqueting eating an elaborate meal
  16. wainscotting wooden panels that can be used to line the walls of a room
  17. conducting the way of administering a business
  18. living thing a living (or once living) entity
  19. orangutan large, long-armed apes that live mostly in trees
  20. concurring being of the same opinion