1. customs the government agency that oversees and collects duties on imported goods
  2. customise make to specifications
  3. posthumous occurring or coming into existence after a person's death
  4. customhouse a government building where customs are collected and where ships are cleared to enter or leave the country
  5. cosmos the universe considered as a whole
  6. customize make to specifications
  7. isthmus a narrow strip of land connecting two larger land areas
  8. Gustavus king of Sweden whose victories in battle made Sweden a European power; his domestic reforms made Sweden a modern state; in 1630 he intervened on the Protestant side of the Thirty Years' War and was killed in the battle of Lutzen (1594-1632)
  9. Lagostomus viscachas
  10. costume attire characteristic of a country, time, or social class
  11. costumer someone who designs or supplies costumes
  12. costumed dressed in clothing characteristic of a period, country, or class
  13. Catostomus type genus of the family Catostomidae
  14. costless costing nothing
  15. costmary tansy-scented Eurasian perennial herb with buttonlike yellow flowers; used as potherb or salad green and sometimes for potpourri or tea or flavoring; sometimes placed in genus Chrysanthemum
  16. Aegospotamos a river in ancient Thrace
  17. costs pecuniary reimbursement to the winning party for the expenses of litigation
  18. customer someone who pays for goods or services
  19. gossamer a gauze fabric with an extremely fine texture
  20. Gustavus I king of Sweden who established Lutheranism as the state religion (1496-1560)