1. expressionistic of or relating to expressionism
  2. gross domestic product the value of all things made and sold by a country in a year
  3. compression bandage bandage that stops the flow of blood from an artery by applying pressure
  4. excretory product waste matter discharged from the body
  5. Cartesian product the set of elements common to two or more sets
  6. compression fracture fracture in which the bone collapses
  7. gene expression conversion of the information encoded in a gene first into messenger RNA and then to a protein
  8. cross product a vector that is the product of two other vectors
  9. expressionist an artist who is an adherent of expressionism
  10. gross national product former measure of the United States economy
  11. expression the communication of your beliefs or opinions
  12. division Protista eukaryotic one-celled living organisms distinct from multicellular plants and animals: protozoa, slime molds, and eukaryotic algae
  13. expansion bolt a bolt that has an attachment that expands as the bolt is driven into a surface
  14. express trust a trust created by the free and deliberate act of the parties involved (usually on the basis of written documentation)
  15. expressionless deliberately impassive in manner
  16. expropriate deprive of possessions
  17. depression a sunken or lowered geological formation
  18. police precinct a precinct in which law enforcement is the responsibility of particular police force
  19. neoexpressionism an art movement based on expressionism
  20. express mirth produce laughter