1. give up give up in the face of defeat of lacking hope; admit defeat
  2. hive up save up as for future use
  3. cough up discharge from the lungs and out of the mouth
  4. give out give to several people
  5. cover up hide from view or knowledge
  6. give transfer possession of something concrete or abstract
  7. cover-up concealment that attempts to prevent something scandalous from becoming public
  8. give in consent reluctantly
  9. carve up separate into parts or portions
  10. given acknowledged as a supposition
  11. move up move upward
  12. save up accumulate money for future use
  13. rave-up a raucous gathering
  14. giver someone who devotes himself completely
  15. give back pay back
  16. giveaway a gift of public land or resources for the private gain of a limited group
  17. give off have as a by-product
  18. give way move in order to make room for someone for something
  19. divvy up give out as one's portion or share
  20. heave up lift or elevate