1. give the bounce terminate a relationship abruptly
  2. give the axe terminate the employment of
  3. give thanks express gratitude or show appreciation to
  4. fivepence a coin worth five cents
  5. eightpence a coin worth eight pennies
  6. civet bean small flat green bean similar to lima beans
  7. discrepancy a difference between conflicting facts or claims or opinions
  8. give the once over look at with a critical eye
  9. give a damn show no concern or interest; always used in the negative
  10. comeuppance a usually negative outcome or fate that is well deserved
  11. ride the bench be out of the game
  12. disturbance activity that is a malfunction, intrusion, or interruption
  13. Krafft-Ebing German neurologist noted for his studies of sexual deviance
  14. denounce speak out against
  15. give the sack terminate the employment of
  16. give the gate terminate a relationship abruptly
  17. givenness the quality of being granted as a supposition
  18. give the eye look at with a critical eye
  19. scaphoid bone the largest wrist bone on the thumb side
  20. refried beans dried beans cooked and mashed and then fried in lard with various seasonings