1. give notice inform (somebody) of something
  2. definitely without question and beyond doubt
  3. give voice put into words or an expression
  4. seventies the time of life between 70 and 80
  5. givenness the quality of being granted as a supposition
  6. grandiose impressive because of unnecessary largeness or magnificence
  7. Ventose sixth month of the Revolutionary calendar ; the windy month
  8. entice provoke someone to do something through persuasion
  9. take notice observe with special attention
  10. justice the quality of being fair, reasonable, or impartial
  11. give-and-go a basketball maneuver
  12. give and take make mutual concessions
  13. give-and-take mutual interaction
  14. Cavendish British chemist and physicist who established that water is a compound of hydrogen and oxygen and who calculated the density of the earth (1731-1810)
  15. Coventry an industrial city in central England
  16. notice the act of paying attention
  17. given name the name that precedes the surname
  18. phenotype observable characteristics produced by genes and environment
  19. fantasy imagination unrestricted by reality
  20. eventide the latter part of the day