1. get the goods discover some bad or hidden information about
  2. detached house a house that stands alone
  3. go to the dogs become ruined
  4. canned goods food preserved by canning
  5. get together get people together
  6. white goods large electrical home appliances (refrigerators or washing machines etc.) that are typically finished in white enamel
  7. get to grips deal with (a problem or a subject)
  8. take to the woods flee; take to one's heels; cut and run
  9. packaged goods groceries that are packaged for sale
  10. get the best overcome, usually through no fault or weakness of the person that is overcome
  11. tinned goods food preserved by canning
  12. get the picture get the meaning of something
  13. keratectasia abnormal bulging of the cornea of the eye
  14. green goods fresh fruits and vegetable grown for the market
  15. soft goods textiles or clothing and related merchandise
  16. earth-goddess a goddess of fertility and vegetation
  17. earth goddess a goddess of fertility and vegetation
  18. genus Tagetes marigolds
  19. baked goods foods that are cooked in an oven
  20. goody-goody a person who behaves extremely well in order to please a superior

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