1. get over travel across or pass over
  2. cadaver the dead body of a human being
  3. get even take revenge or even out a score
  4. go over examine so as to determine accuracy, quality, or condition
  5. put over communicate successfully
  6. groover a device that makes grooves by cutting or punching
  7. stover the dried stalks and leaves of a field crop (especially corn) used as animal fodder after the grain has been harvested
  8. cant over heel over
  9. keel over fall suddenly; collapse
  10. deed over transfer by deed
  11. grow over grow beyond or across
  12. skate over treat hurriedly or avoid dealing with properly
  13. takeover a change by sale or merger in the controlling interest of a corporation
  14. cover provide with a covering or cause to be covered
  15. get off leave a vehicle, aircraft, etc.
  16. clover a plant of the genus Trifolium
  17. graver a tool used by an engraver
  18. giver someone who devotes himself completely
  19. queen it over act like the master of
  20. quiver shake with fast, tremulous movements