1. geisha girl a Japanese woman trained to entertain men with conversation and singing and dancing
  2. showgirl a woman who dances in a chorus line
  3. nautch girl a professional dancing girl in India
  4. check girl a female checker
  5. call girl a female prostitute who can be hired by telephone
  6. cowgirl a woman cowboy
  7. Gibson girl the idealized American girl of the 1890s as pictured by C. D. Gibson
  8. dish aerial directional antenna consisting of a parabolic reflector for microwave or radio frequency radiation
  9. hatcheck girl a female checker
  10. career girl a woman who is a careerist
  11. chorus girl a woman who dances in a chorus line
  12. cover girl a very pretty girl who works as a photographer's model
  13. give it a whirl try
  14. mill-girl a girl who works in a mill
  15. shop girl a young female shop assistant
  16. shaggily in a shaggy manner
  17. college girl a female student at a coeducational college or university
  18. daygirl a day boarder who is a girl
  19. Kishar Babylonian consort of Anshar
  20. Geiger German physicist who developed the Geiger counter

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