1. kaffir corn important for human and animal food
  2. kafir corn important for human and animal food
  3. canary grass Canary Islands grass; seeds used as feed for caged birds
  4. generic wine a wine that is a blend of several varieties of grapes with no one grape predominating; a wine that does not carry the name of any specific grape
  5. Capricorn a faint zodiacal constellation in the southern hemisphere
  6. gregarine vermiform protozoans parasitic in insects and other invertebrates
  7. camera care keeping a camera in good working order
  8. car care keeping a car in good working order
  9. Gregorian of or relating to Pope Gregory I or to the plainsong chants of the Roman Catholic Church
  10. crow corn any of several perennials of the genus Aletris having grasslike leaves and bitter roots reputed to cure colic
  11. genus Erigeron cosmopolitan genus of usually perennial herbs with flowers that resemble asters; leaves occasionally (especially formerly) used medicinally
  12. genus Carnegiea caryophylloid dicot genus with only one species: saguaro
  13. catercorner slanted across a polygon on a diagonal line
  14. donor card a card that you carry on your person and that authorizes the use of your organs for transplantation after your death
  15. sugar corn a corn plant developed in order to have young ears that are sweet and suitable for eating
  16. canary creeper a climber having flowers that are the color of canaries
  17. generic noun a noun that does not specify either masculine or feminine gender
  18. genus Caragana large genus of Asiatic deciduous shrubs or small trees
  19. common or garden the usual or familiar type
  20. coronary care unit a hospital unit specially staffed and equipped to treat patients with serious cardiac problems