1. gallinaceous bird heavy-bodied largely ground-feeding domestic or game birds
  2. Callinectes sapidus bluish edible crab of Atlantic and Gulf Coasts of North America
  3. gallows bird a person who deserves to be hanged
  4. gallinaceous of or relating to or resembling a gallinacean
  5. Galeorhinus zyopterus Pacific shark valued for its fins and liver
  6. genus Hesperis biennial or perennial erect herbs having nocturnally fragrant flowers
  7. genus Sapindus type genus of the Sapindaceae
  8. valance board a decorative framework at the top of a window casing
  9. genus Cyprinus type genus of the family Cyprinidae: carp
  10. genus Spondias tropical trees having one-seeded fruit
  11. Cretaceous period from 135 million to 63 million years ago
  12. close support close-in firing by one unit against an enemy engaged by another unit
  13. genus Cyperus type genus of Cyperaceae
  14. Glaucomys sabrinus large flying squirrel; chiefly of Canada
  15. genus Aspidiotus a genus of Diaspididae
  16. genus Aspalathus genus of South African heathlike shrubs
  17. Clupea sprattus small herring processed like a sardine
  18. genus Asparagus large genus of Old World perennial herbs with erect or spreading or climbing stems and small scalelike leaves and inconspicuous flowers; sometimes placed in family Asparagaceae
  19. genus Spirodela minute aquatic herbs floating on the water surface consisting of a shiny leaflike frond and 2-21 roots
  20. genus Spartina grass of freshwater swamps and salt marshes of Europe, Africa, America, and South Atlantic islands