1. gala affair a gay festivity
  2. cleavers annual having the stem beset with curved prickles
  3. galvanize stimulate (muscles) by administering a shock
  4. Clavariaceae fleshy fungi: coral fungi
  5. cliff rose tufted thrift of seacoasts and mountains of north temperate zone; occasionally grown as a ground cover
  6. clivers annual having the stem beset with curved prickles
  7. Galliformes pheasants
  8. galvanise stimulate (muscles) by administering a shock
  9. all fours card games in which points are won for taking the high or low or jack or game
  10. Galeras an active volcano in southeastern Colombia in the Andes
  11. saliferous containing or yielding salt
  12. affairs transactions of professional or public interest
  13. world affairs affairs between nations
  14. cadaverous of or relating to a corpse
  15. Calvados dry apple brandy made in Normandy
  16. California a state in the western United States on the Pacific
  17. qualifier someone who meets requirements to take part in a competition
  18. sulfurous of or related to or containing sulfur or derived from sulfur
  19. guerilla force an irregular armed force that fights by sabotage and harassment; often rural and organized in large groups
  20. call forth evoke or provoke to appear or occur