1. warning coloration conspicuous coloration or markings of an animal serving to warn off predators
  2. trash collection the collection and removal of garbage
  3. finishing school a private school for girls that emphasizes training in cultural and social activities
  4. garbage collection the collection and removal of garbage
  5. fishing expedition an investigation undertaken in the hope (but not the stated purpose) of discovering information
  6. rental collection a collection of books that can be rented by readers in return for a small daily fee
  7. training college a school providing training for a special field or profession
  8. finishing line a line indicating the location of the finish of a race
  9. tax collection the collection of taxes
  10. coin collection a collection of coins
  11. Francois Couperin French composer of music for organ and a member of a family of distinguished organists (1668-1733)
  12. Spanish Inquisition an inquisition initiated in 1478 by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella that guarded the orthodoxy of Catholicism in Spain (especially from the 15th to the 17th centuries)
  13. recollection the process of remembering
  14. art collection a collection of art works
  15. loan collection a number of pictures loaned by their owners for exhibition
  16. natural selection a process in which organisms evolve to adapt to environment
  17. predilection a predisposition in favor of something
  18. finishing coat the final coat of paint
  19. change of location a movement through space that changes the location of something
  20. finishing touch a final touch; a crowning achievement; a culmination