1. fantastic extravagantly fanciful in design, construction, appearance
  2. fantastical existing in fancy only
  3. antiseptic thoroughly clean and free of disease-causing organisms
  4. windscreen transparent screen to protect occupants of a vehicle
  5. windswept open to or swept by wind
  6. hands down with no difficulty
  7. fantastically exceedingly; extremely
  8. indisposition a certain degree of unwillingness
  9. fin de siecle relating to or characteristic of the end of a century
  10. window screen screen to keep insects from entering a building through the open window
  11. fundamental serving as an essential component
  12. panopticon a circular prison with cells around a surveillance station
  13. wine tasting a gathering of people to taste and compare different wines
  14. undiscipline the trait of lacking discipline
  15. anticipation the act of predicting, as by reasoning about the future
  16. hands-down achieved without great effort
  17. Windsor tie a wide necktie worn in a loose bow
  18. Donets Basin an industrial region in the Ukraine
  19. windstorm a storm consisting of violent winds
  20. subdeacon a clergyman an order below deacon