1. contempt lack of respect accompanied by a feeling of intense dislike
  2. contemporary occurring in the same period of time
  3. merchantability the state of being fit for market
  4. contemplate think intently and at length, as for spiritual purposes
  5. accountability responsibility to someone or for some activity
  6. frequently many times at short intervals
  7. Virginia thimbleweed thimbleweed of central and eastern North America
  8. responsibility the social force that binds you to a course of action
  9. quantifiability the quality of being measurable
  10. frequency modulation modulation of the frequency of the (radio) carrier wave
  11. frangibility quality of being easily damaged or destroyed
  12. practicability the quality of being usable
  13. tractability the trait of being easily persuaded
  14. frequency band a band of adjacent radio frequencies
  15. reputability honorableness by virtue of being respectable and having a good reputation
  16. equatability capability of being equated
  17. credibility the quality of being believable or trustworthy
  18. dependability the quality of being dependable or reliable
  19. formidability impressive difficulty
  20. predictability the capacity to be known or expected in advance