1. free burning (of an electric arc) continuous
  2. retraining training for a new occupation
  3. forewarning an early notification about a future event
  4. returning tending to be turned back
  5. frightening causing fear or dread or terror
  6. word meaning the accepted meaning of a word
  7. free-thinking unwilling to accept authority or dogma
  8. freethinking the doctrine that reason is the right basis for regulating conduct
  9. ore dressing crushing and separating ore into valuable substances or waste by any of a variety of techniques
  10. draining having a debilitating effect
  11. training activity leading to skilled behavior
  12. rote learning memorization by repetition
  13. fire trench a trench especially constructed for the delivery of small-arms fire
  14. freeze-drying a method of drying food or blood plasma or pharmaceuticals or tissue without destroying their physical structure; material is frozen and then warmed in a vacuum so that the ice sublimes
  15. straining an intense or violent exertion
  16. wash drawing a watercolor made by applying a series of monochrome washes one over the other
  17. woodgraining a texture like that of wood
  18. free-range of livestock and domestic poultry
  19. self-restraining used of nonindulgent persons
  20. Free French a French movement during World War II that was organized in London by Charles de Gaulle to fight for the liberation of France from German control and for the restoration of the republic

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