1. French spinach common Eurasian weed; naturalized in United States
  2. franchise a statutory right or privilege granted by a government
  3. French Congo a republic in west-central Africa
  4. franchise tax a tax that is imposed by states on corporations
  5. furnishing the instrumentalities that make a home livable
  6. branching having branches
  7. ranching farming for the raising of livestock (particularly cattle)
  8. wrenching causing great physical or mental suffering
  9. French window a French door situated in an exterior wall of a building
  10. French Oceania a French overseas possession in the South Pacific
  11. Francois Jacob French biochemist who studied regulatory processes in cells
  12. French dressing oil and vinegar with mustard and garlic
  13. drenching the act of making something completely wet
  14. French-speaking able to communicate in French
  15. Franciscan a Roman Catholic friar wearing the grey habit of the Franciscan order
  16. tranquilising tending to soothe or tranquilize
  17. Frank Sinatra United States singer and film actor (1915-1998)
  18. firing range a practice range for target practice
  19. purchasing the act of buying
  20. ring snake any of numerous small nonvenomous North American snakes with a yellow or orange ring around the neck