1. foster-child a child who is raised by foster parents
  2. foster child a child who is raised by foster parents
  3. poster child a child afflicted by some disease or deformity whose picture is used on posters to raise money for charitable purposes
  4. wonder child a prodigy whose talents are recognized at an early age
  5. flower child someone who rejects the established culture
  6. water-shield aquatic plant with floating oval leaves and purple flowers
  7. stepchild a child of your spouse by a former marriage
  8. hysterical characterized by a state of violent mental agitation
  9. water-cooled kept cool or designed to be kept cool by means of water especially circulating water
  10. foster care supervised care for delinquent or neglected children usually in an institution or substitute home
  11. stercolith a hard mass of fecal matter
  12. threshold the starting point for a new state or experience
  13. posterity all future generations
  14. hysterically in a hysterical manner
  15. street child a homeless child especially one forsaken or orphaned
  16. oyster shell a shell of an oyster
  17. poster color pigment mixed with water-soluble glutinous materials such as size and egg yolk
  18. muster call a call of the names of personnel at a military assembly
  19. with child in an advanced stage of pregnancy
  20. fosterage encouragement; aiding the development of something