1. flying buttress a supportive arch standing apart from the main structure
  2. lecanopteris any of several bizarre ferns of the genus Lecanopteris having swollen hollow rhizomes that provide homes for symbiotic ants
  3. Lyginopteris genus of fossil seed ferns of the Carboniferous
  4. genus Decapterus scads especially mackerel scad; cosmopolitan in distribution
  5. voltaic battery battery consisting of a number of voltaic cells arranged in series or parallel
  6. Leptopteris including some ferns sometimes placed in genus Todea
  7. Blissus leucopterus small black-and-white insect that feeds on cereal grasses
  8. Actiniopteris terrestrial ferns of tropical Asia and Africa
  9. Dactylopterus a genus of Dactylopteridae
  10. close quarters a situation of being uncomfortably close to someone or something
  11. family Trachipteridae ribbonfishes
  12. family Phoenicopteridae flamingos
  13. Lepidoptera moths and butterflies
  14. Phegopteris beech ferns: genus is variously classified: considered alternative name for genus Dryopteris or included in genus Thelypteris
  15. Decapterus scads especially mackerel scad; cosmopolitan in distribution
  16. fly contact fly a plane by using visible landmarks or points of reference
  17. lepidoptery the scientific study of butterflies and moths
  18. genus Pecopteris genus of Carboniferous fossil ferns
  19. Plecoptera stoneflies
  20. genus Chaetodipterus a genus of Ephippidae