1. freestanding standing apart; not attached to or supported by anything
  2. fall in line agree on (a position)
  3. wollastonite a white or greyish mineral typically found in metamorphic limestone; a silicate of calcium
  4. Palestinian of or relating to the area of Palestine and its inhabitants
  5. Falstaffian of or resembling Falstaff
  6. calcitonin thyroid hormone that tends to lower the level of calcium in the blood plasma and inhibit resorption of bone
  7. real estate loan a loan on real estate that is usually secured by a mortgage
  8. family Staphylinidae rove beetles
  9. forestalling the act of preventing something by anticipating and disposing of it effectively
  10. crystalline consisting of or containing or of the nature of crystals
  11. staff line any of the 5 horizontal marks comprising a staff
  12. state line the boundary between two states
  13. Felis tigrina medium-sized wildcat of Central America and South America having a dark-striped coat
  14. plastination a process involving fixation and dehydration and forced impregnation and hardening of biological tissues; water and lipids are replaced by curable polymers (silicone or epoxy or polyester) that are subsequently hardened
  15. wool stapler a dealer in wool
  16. philistine a person who is uninterested in intellectual pursuits
  17. Philistine of or relating to ancient Philistia or its culture or its people
  18. elastance unit the reciprocal of capacitance
  19. Galveston Island an island at the entrance of Galveston Bay
  20. flesh-eating (of animals) carnivorous

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