1. flat knot a square knot used in a reef line
  2. flatten out become flat or flatter
  3. flatulent generating excessive gas in the alimentary canal
  4. flattened having been flattened
  5. flat coat the first or preliminary coat of paint or size applied to a surface
  6. blood knot a knot used for tying fishing leaders together
  7. flatfoot a foot afflicted with a fallen arch
  8. flaunt display proudly
  9. litigant a party to a lawsuit
  10. black knot disease of plum and cherry trees characterized by black excrescences on the branches
  11. flat bone part of the sirloin next to the wedge bone
  12. slipknot a knot at the end of a cord or rope that can slip along the cord or rope around which it is made
  13. flatulence a state of excessive gas in the alimentary canal
  14. flatiron an iron that was heated by placing it on a stove
  15. flat out at top speed
  16. flatten make flat or flatter
  17. flatboat a flatbottom boat for carrying heavy loads
  18. flat-hat fly very close to the ground
  19. flagroot perennial marsh plant having swordlike leaves and aromatic roots
  20. flatbrod the thin wafer-like bread of Scandinavia