1. flat file a file with two flat surfaces
  2. volatile liable to lead to sudden change or violence
  3. flatfish any of several families of fishes having flattened bodies that swim along the sea floor on one side of the body with both eyes on the upper side
  4. flatfoot a foot afflicted with a fallen arch
  5. plateful the quantity contained in a plate
  6. fulfill meet a want or need
  7. flatly in a decisive or blunt manner
  8. flotilla a fleet of small craft
  9. slothful disinclined to work or exertion
  10. fulfil meet the requirements or expectations of
  11. grateful feeling or showing thankfulness
  12. relatively by comparison to something else
  13. wood file a coarse file with sharp pointed projections
  14. fistful the quantity that can be held in the hand
  15. filthily in a filthy unclean manner
  16. let fly fire as from a gun
  17. flat tire a deflated pneumatic tire
  18. blunt file a file with parallel edges
  19. wildfowl flesh of any of a number of wild game birds suitable for food
  20. healthful conducive to good functioning of body or mind