1. finish off finish a task completely
  2. finish out fill out
  3. finished ended or brought to an end
  4. initiative readiness to embark on bold new ventures
  5. finish come or bring to an end
  6. finish up finish a task completely
  7. finisher a racing driver who finishes a race
  8. fend off prevent the occurrence of; prevent from happening
  9. fishwife someone who sells fish
  10. wash off remove by the application of water or other liquid and soap or some other cleaning agent
  11. wind off reverse the winding or twisting of
  12. Finnish the official language of Finland
  13. definitely without question and beyond doubt
  14. vanished having passed out of existence
  15. finish coat the final coat of paint
  16. finishing a decorative texture or appearance of a surface
  17. vanish become invisible or unnoticeable
  18. firing off the act of discharging a gun
  19. finocchio aromatic bulbous stem base eaten cooked or raw in salads
  20. vanisher a person who disappears