1. find fault harass with constant criticism
  2. footfault a fault that occurs when the server in tennis fails to keep both feet behind the baseline
  3. windfall a sudden happening that brings good fortune
  4. van de Velde Belgian architect (1863-1957)
  5. windshield a transparent screen to protect occupants of a vehicle
  6. find out find out, learn, or determine with certainty, usually by making an inquiry or other effort
  7. groined vault two barrel vaults intersecting at right angles
  8. default an option that is selected automatically
  9. mindful bearing in mind; attentive to
  10. windflower any woodland plant of the genus Anemone grown for its beautiful flowers and whorls of dissected leaves
  11. femtovolt a unit of potential equal to one quadrillionth of a volt
  12. undefiled free from stain or blemish
  13. bank vault a strongroom or compartment for safekeeping of valuables
  14. to a fault to a degree exceeding normal or proper limits
  15. Canada violet tall North American perennial with heart-shaped leaves and white flowers with purple streaks
  16. mindfully in a careful deliberate manner
  17. wind farm a power plant that uses wind turbines to generate electricity
  18. wood violet common European violet that grows in woods and hedgerows
  19. ribbed vault vault that resembles a groined vault but has ribbed arches
  20. Count Fleet thoroughbred that won the triple crown in 1943

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