1. field press censorship security review of news (including all information or material intended for dissemination to the public) subject to the jurisdiction of the armed forces
  2. military censorship all types of censorship conducted by personnel of the armed forces
  3. armed forces censorship military censorship of personal communications to or from persons in the armed forces
  4. precentorship the position of precentor
  5. secondary censorship armed forces censorship of the personal communications of officers or civilian employees or enlisted personnel not subject to primary censorship
  6. primary censorship armed forces censorship performed by personnel of a military unit on the personal communications of persons assigned to that unit
  7. civil censorship military censorship of civilian communications (correspondence or printed matter of films) entering or leaving of circulating within territories controlled by armed forces
  8. microprocessor chip electronic equipment consisting of a small crystal of a silicon semiconductor fabricated to carry out a number of electronic functions in an integrated circuit
  9. wild parsnip biennial weed in Europe and America having large pinnate leaves and yellow flowers and a bitter and somewhat poisonous root; the ancestor of cultivated parsnip
  10. censorship deleting parts of publications or theatrical performances
  11. prisoner of war censorship military censorship of communication to and from prisoners of war and civilian internees held by the armed forces
  12. food processor a kitchen appliance with interchangeable blades
  13. preceptorship the position of preceptor
  14. word processor an application that provides the user with tools needed to write and edit and format text and to send it to a printer
  15. national censorship censorship under civil authority of communications entering or leaving of crossing the borders of the United States or its territories or possessions
  16. word processing system an application that provides the user with tools needed to write and edit and format text and to send it to a printer
  17. multiprocessor a computer that uses two or more processing units under integrated control
  18. word processing rapid and efficient processing (storage and printing) of linguistic data for composition and editing
  19. professorship the position of professor
  20. field pennycress foetid Eurasian weed having round flat pods