1. intuitive feeling an intuitive understanding of something
  2. fantastical existing in fancy only
  3. fantastically exceedingly; extremely
  4. nasogastric feeding feeding consisting of delivering liquid nutrients through a tube passing through the nose and into the stomach
  5. fantastic extravagantly fanciful in design, construction, appearance
  6. linguistic profiling using speech characteristics or dialect to identify a speaker's race or religion or social class
  7. fast-flying moving swiftly
  8. pound sterling the basic unit of money in Great Britain and Northern Ireland; equal to 100 pence
  9. lunatic fringe a political unit with extreme and fanatical views
  10. sinking feeling a feeling caused by uneasiness or apprehension
  11. stifling characterized by oppressive heat and humidity
  12. wine tasting a gathering of people to taste and compare different wines
  13. Federico Fellini Italian filmmaker (1920-1993)
  14. infant feeding feeding an infant
  15. vena testicularis a vein from the testicles
  16. genetic profiling the procedure of analyzing the DNA in samples of a person's body tissue or body fluid for the purpose of identification
  17. class feeling feelings of envy and resentment of one social or economic class for toward another
  18. First Duke of Wellington British general and statesman
  19. artistic movement a group of artists who agree on general principles
  20. domestic violence violence or physical abuse directed toward your spouse or domestic partner; usually violence by men against women