1. false hellebore perennial herbs of the lily family having thick toxic rhizomes
  2. false labor painless contractions of the muscles of the uterus that continue throughout pregnancy with increasing frequency
  3. black hellebore slightly hairy perennial having deep green leathery leaves and flowers that are ultimately purplish-green
  4. false lupine western United States bushy herb having yellow pea-like flowers
  5. fool's huckleberry straggling shrub of northwestern North America having foliage with a bluish tinge and umbels of small bell-shaped flowers
  6. cause celebre an incident that attracts great public attention
  7. fall asleep change from a waking to a sleeping state
  8. vers libre unrhymed verse without a consistent metrical pattern
  9. false belief a misconception resulting from incorrect reasoning
  10. false alumroot plant growing in clumps with mostly basal leaves and cream-colored or pale pink fringed flowers in several long racemes; Alaska to coastal central California and east to Idaho
  11. false heather North American decumbent evergreen heathlike plant with yellow flowers
  12. false vampire any New or Old World carnivorous bat erroneously thought to suck blood but in fact feeding on insects
  13. fairy-slipper rare north temperate bog orchid bearing a solitary white to pink flower marked with purple at the tip of an erect reddish stalk above 1 basal leaf
  14. white hellebore North American plant having large leaves and yellowish green flowers growing in racemes; yields a toxic alkaloid used medicinally
  15. false alarm a warning that is given about something that fails to occur
  16. false hair a covering or bunch of human or artificial hair used for disguise or adornment
  17. falsifiable capable of being tested by experiment or observation
  18. green hellebore deciduous plant with large deep green pedate leaves and nodding saucer-shaped green flowers
  19. falsifier someone who falsifies
  20. falsely in an insincerely false manner