1. false dogwood evergreen of tropical America having pulpy fruit containing saponin which was used as soap by Native Americans
  2. false ragweed tall annual marsh elder common in moist rich soil in central North America that can cause contact dermatitis; produces much pollen that is a major cause of hay fever
  3. falsehood an untrue statement
  4. silky dogwood shrub of eastern North America having purplish stems and blue fruit
  5. false teeth a removable denture
  6. false dragonhead North American plant having a spike of two-lipped pink or white flowers
  7. forest god one of a class of woodland deities
  8. alder dogwood small tree common in Europe
  9. false dragon head North American plant having a spike of two-lipped pink or white flowers
  10. flustered thrown into a state of agitated confusion
  11. forest goat cow-like creature with the glossy coat of a horse and the agility of a goat and the long horns of an antelope; characterized as a cow that lives the life of a goat
  12. false sago southeastern Indian cycad with palmlike foliage
  13. false verdict a manifestly unjust verdict; not true to the evidence
  14. Wedgwood English potter (1730-1795)
  15. falsetto a male singing voice with artificially high tones
  16. false deathcap agaric often confused with the death cup
  17. false indigo dense shrub of moist riverbanks and flood plains of the eastern United States having attractive fragrant foliage and dense racemes of dark purple flowers
  18. false topaz a yellow quartz
  19. family Stichaeidae pricklebacks
  20. false oat coarse perennial Eurasian grass resembling oat