1. ostentatious intended to attract notice and impress others
  2. pretentious creating an appearance of importance or distinction
  3. contentious showing an inclination to disagree
  4. conscientious characterized by extreme care and great effort
  5. extreme unction a Catholic sacrament
  6. extremely high frequency 30 to 300 gigahertz
  7. extremely low frequency below 3 kilohertz
  8. content satisfied or showing satisfaction with things as they are
  9. extreme point the point located farthest from the middle of something
  10. extraneous not belonging to that in which it is contained
  11. extermination the act of getting rid of by killing off
  12. experimental condition the procedure that is varied in order to estimate a variable's effect by comparison with a control condition
  13. extremeness the quality of being extreme
  14. exterminated destroyed completely
  15. instrumental conditioning operant conditioning that pairs a response with a reinforcement in discrete trials; reinforcement occurs only after the response is given
  16. extravagant recklessly wasteful
  17. table of contents a list of divisions and the pages on which they start
  18. contemptuous expressing extreme scorn
  19. extremely to the greatest possible degree
  20. stress incontinence urinary incontinence that occurs when involuntary pressure is put on the bladder by coughing or laughing or sneezing or lifting or straining

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