1. contemporary occurring in the same period of time
  2. extempore with little or no preparation or forethought
  3. extemporary with little or no preparation or forethought
  4. extemporize perform or speak without preparation
  5. extemporarily without prior preparation
  6. extemporise perform without preparation
  7. ex tempore without preparation
  8. os temporale a thick bone forming the side of the human cranium and encasing the inner ear
  9. temporal of or relating to or limited by time
  10. exemplary worthy of imitation
  11. extemporaneous with little or no preparation or forethought
  12. extemporaneously without prior preparation
  13. exemplar something to be imitated
  14. extramural carried on outside the bounds of an institution or community
  15. extradural on or outside the dura mater
  16. exterritorial outside territorial limits or jurisdiction
  17. contempt lack of respect accompanied by a feeling of intense dislike
  18. spaciotemporal existing in both space and time
  19. exit poll a poll of voters as they leave the voting place
  20. external happening or arising outside some limits or surface