1. experimenter a research worker who conducts experiments
  2. experimental of the nature of or undergoing a trial
  3. experiment the act of conducting a controlled test or investigation
  4. experimentally in an experimental fashion
  5. experience the content of observation or participation in an event
  6. experimentation the testing of an idea
  7. exterminator someone who exterminates
  8. expedient appropriate to a purpose
  9. experient having experience
  10. experimenter bias (psychology) bias introduced by an experimenter whose expectations about the outcome of the experiment can be subtly communicated to the participants in the experiment
  11. exuberant joyously unrestrained
  12. experiential of or relating to direct observation or participation
  13. experimentalism an empirical doctrine that advocates experimental principles
  14. excrement waste matter discharged from the body
  15. exterminate kill on a large scale
  16. experienced having knowledge or skill from observation or participation
  17. expedite process fast and efficiently
  18. complimentary expressing praise and admiration
  19. expediently in an expedient manner
  20. exterminated destroyed completely

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