1. experience the content of observation or participation in an event
  2. experimental procedure the specific techniques used in conducting a particular experiment
  3. inexperienced person a person who lacks knowledge of evil
  4. greenstick fracture a partial fracture of a bone
  5. pressurized water reactor a nuclear reactor that uses water as a coolant and moderator
  6. backspace character a control character that indicates moving a space to the left
  7. experienced having knowledge or skill from observation or participation
  8. expedite process fast and efficiently
  9. executive director a person responsible for the administration of a business
  10. experimenter bias (psychology) bias introduced by an experimenter whose expectations about the outcome of the experiment can be subtly communicated to the participants in the experiment
  11. chiropractor a therapist who manipulates the body to ease pain
  12. expenditure the act of spending money for goods or services
  13. alphabetic character the conventional characters of the alphabet used to represent speech
  14. expectorator a person who spits (ejects saliva or phlegm from the mouth)
  15. Coluber constrictor blackish racer of the eastern United States that grows to six feet
  16. strange attractor an attractor for which the approach to its final point in phase space is chaotic
  17. defense contractor a contractor concerned with the development and manufacture of systems of defense
  18. breeder reactor a nuclear reactor that produces more fissile material than it burns
  19. exuberant joyously unrestrained
  20. experimental extinction a conditioning process in which the reinforcer is removed and a conditioned response becomes independent of the conditioned stimulus