1. expedite process fast and efficiently
  2. explicit precisely and clearly expressed or readily observable
  3. expansively in an impressively expansive manner
  4. expeditiously with efficiency; in an efficient manner
  5. expenditure the act of spending money for goods or services
  6. expansivity a quality characterized by magnificence of scale or the tendency to expand
  7. expediently in an expedient manner
  8. expendable suitable to be used up
  9. expandable able to expand or be expanded
  10. explicitly in a clearly expressed manner
  11. expensively in an expensive manner
  12. expandible able to expand or be expanded
  13. expansible able to expand or be expanded
  14. expansile (of gases) capable of expansion
  15. expectantly in an expectant manner
  16. exposition a collection of things for public display
  17. expedient appropriate to a purpose
  18. expanded increased in extent or size or bulk or scope
  19. express mail mail that is distributed by a rapid and efficient system
  20. expository serving to expound or set forth