1. executive agency an agency of the executive branch of government
  2. executive officer the officer second in command
  3. executive routine a routine that coordinates the operation of subroutines
  4. executive secretary a secretary having administrative duties and responsibilities
  5. executive clemency the power (usually of a president or governor) to pardon or commute the sentence of someone convicted in that jurisdiction
  6. executive council a council that shares the supreme executive power
  7. executive director a person responsible for the administration of a business
  8. executive branch part of U.S. government responsible for carrying out laws
  9. executive a person responsible for the administration of a business
  10. executrix a woman executor
  11. executability capability of being executed
  12. executive session a session that is closed to the public
  13. executing putting a condemned person to death
  14. elective course a course that the student can select from among alternatives
  15. executive program a program that controls the execution of other programs
  16. executant a performer (usually of musical works)
  17. executed put to death as punishment
  18. accusative case the case of nouns serving as the direct object of a verb
  19. infective agent an agent capable of producing infection
  20. executive department a federal department in the executive branch of the government of the United States

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