1. writing style a style of expressing yourself in writing
  2. excitingly in an exciting manner
  3. electronic stylus (computer science) a pointer that when pointed at a computer display senses whether or not the spot is illuminated
  4. Actinomycetales filamentous or rod-shaped bacteria
  5. extinguishable capable of being extinguished or killed
  6. extinguished of a conditioned response
  7. extrasystole a premature systole resulting in a momentary cardiac arrhythmia
  8. extensible capable of being protruded or stretched or opened out
  9. extensile capable of being protruded or stretched or opened out
  10. artistic style the style of a particular artist or school or movement
  11. starting stall a movable barrier on the starting line of a race course
  12. ecstatic state a trance induced by intense religious devotion
  13. casting lots making a chance decision by using lots (straws or pebbles etc.) that are thrown or drawn
  14. genus Rhyncostylis genus of epiphytic orchids of tropical Asia
  15. exceedingly to an extreme degree
  16. extensively in a widespread way
  17. exciting creating or arousing uncontrolled emotion
  18. wasting disease involving the lungs with progressive wasting of the body
  19. extinct no longer in existence
  20. abrading stone a primitive stone artifact used as an abrader

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