1. ambiguity unclearness by virtue of having more than one meaning
  2. evidence knowledge on which to base belief
  3. evidenced supported by evidence
  4. impact the striking of one body against another
  5. evidentiary serving as or based on evidence
  6. evident clearly revealed to the mind or the senses or judgment
  7. evidential serving as or based on proof
  8. astonishment the feeling that accompanies something extremely surprising
  9. disambiguate make clear by removing uncertainty
  10. powder compact a small cosmetics case with a mirror
  11. eastern chimpanzee long-haired chimpanzees of east-central Africa
  12. western chimpanzee masked or pale-faced chimpanzees of western Africa
  13. mountain swamp gum medium-sized swamp gum of New South Wales and Victoria
  14. Valencia orange variety of sweet orange cultivated extensively in Florida and California
  15. unambiguity clarity achieved by the avoidance of ambiguity
  16. Fabiana imbricata Peruvian shrub with small pink to lavender tubular flowers
  17. inspector an investigator who observes carefully
  18. Giovanni Cimabue painter of the Florentine school
  19. witness box a box enclosure for a witness when testifying
  20. confidentiality discretion in keeping secret information