1. esoteric understandable only by an enlightened inner circle
  2. aesthetic characterized by an appreciation of beauty or good taste
  3. Eustachio Italian anatomist who was one of the fathers of modern anatomy; noted for descriptions of the ear and the heart (1520-1574)
  4. ascetic someone who practices self denial as a spiritual discipline
  5. wastage the process of wasting
  6. Asiatic of or relating to or characteristic of Asia or the peoples of Asia or their languages or culture
  7. astute marked by practical hardheaded intelligence
  8. Jesuitic having qualities characteristic of Jesuits or Jesuitism
  9. astatic not static or stable
  10. assuage provide physical relief, as from pain
  11. esthetic concerning an appreciation of beauty or good taste
  12. ascitic of or relating to or resulting from an abnormal accumulation of protein and electrolyte rich fluid in the peritoneal cavity
  13. estate extensive landed property retained by the owner
  14. austere of a stern or strict bearing or demeanor
  15. vestige an indication that something has been present
  16. adagio slowly
  17. asdic a method of finding objects under water using sound waves
  18. Ostyak a member of the nomadic Ugrian people living in northwestern Siberia (east of the Urals)
  19. stage any distinct time period in a sequence of events
  20. Estonia a republic in northeastern Europe on the Baltic Sea