1. escrow funds funds held in escrow
  2. sycophant a person who tries to please someone to gain an advantage
  3. escapist a person who frequently retreats into a world of fantasy
  4. Wisteria venusta a wisteria of China having white flowers
  5. earnest characterized by a firm, humorless belief in one's opinions
  6. escape velocity the minimum velocity needed to escape a gravitational field
  7. discrepancy a difference between conflicting facts or claims or opinions
  8. scrivened copied in handwriting
  9. screen test a filmed audition of an actor or actress
  10. discretion power of making choices unconstrained by external agencies
  11. Isak Dinesen Danish writer who lived in Kenya for 19 years and is remembered for her writings about Africa (1885-1962)
  12. wasp's nest habitation for wasps or hornets
  13. ecphonesis an exclamatory rhetorical device
  14. male chauvinist a man with a chauvinistic belief in the inferiority of women
  15. wasps' nest habitation for wasps or hornets
  16. unconvinced not persuaded or certain that something is true or reliable
  17. discreet marked by prudence or modesty and wise self-restraint
  18. ice chest a refrigerator for cooling liquids
  19. ice-cream soda a drink with ice cream floating in it
  20. easygoingness being without worry or concern