1. escalator clause a clause in a contract that provides for an increase or a decrease in wages or prices or benefits etc. depending on certain conditions (as a change in the cost of living index)
  2. escalator a stairway whose steps move continuously on a circulating belt
  3. descriptive clause a subordinate clause that does not limit or restrict the meaning of the noun phrase it modifies
  4. osculate kiss
  5. Oscillatoriaceae blue green algae
  6. astragalus the bone in the ankle that articulates with the leg bones to form the ankle joint
  7. Astragalus large genus of annual or perennial herbs or shrubs of north temperate regions; largest genus in the family Leguminosae
  8. master class a class given to talented students by an expert
  9. escadrille a small squadron
  10. equilateral having all sides of the same length
  11. osculator someone who kisses
  12. escalader someone who gains access by the use of ladders
  13. Osmunda regalis large deeply rooted fern of worldwide distribution with upright bipinnate compound tufted fronds
  14. escalate increase in extent or intensity
  15. osculating circle the circle that touches a curve (on the concave side) and whose radius is the radius of curvature
  16. collateralize pledge as a collateral
  17. alligator clip a clip with a spring that closes the metal jaws
  18. relative clause a clause introduced by a relative pronoun
  19. physical attraction a desire for sexual intimacy
  20. psychiatrical relating to or used in or engaged in the practice of psychiatry