Definitions of calado

n decorative needlework

adorno, bordado, bordadura, labor, recamado
embroidery done with pairs of stitches that cross each other
embroidery consisting of allover embroidered canvas resembling tapestry
nido de abeja
embroidery consisting of ornamental needlework on a garment that is made by gathering the cloth tightly in stitches
Type of:
bordado, cosido, costura, labor
a creation created or assembled by needle and thread

n framework consisting of an ornamental design made of strips of wood or metal

enjaretado, greca
arriate, encañado, enrejado, espaldar, espaldera
latticework used to support climbing plants
espaldar, espaldera
a trellis on which ornamental shrub or fruit tree is trained to grow flat
Type of:
armadura, armazón, bastidor, carcasa, encuadramiento, marco, sistema
a structure supporting or containing something

n ornamental work (such as embroidery or latticework) having a pattern of openings

deshilado, enrejado, enverjado
Type of:
a product produced or accomplished through the effort or activity or agency of a person or thing

n agitation resulting from active worry

greca, preocupación, traste

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