1. endogenous depression a state of depression for which there is no apparent precipitating cause
  2. exogenous depression an inappropriate state of depression that is precipitated by events in the person's life (to be distinguished from normal grief)
  3. indigenous originating where it is found
  4. antagonist someone who offers opposition
  5. involutional depression a major depressive episode associated with the climacteric
  6. unkind person a person of mean disposition
  7. uneducated person an ignorant person
  8. indirect expression an indirect way of expressing something
  9. immunosuppression lowering the body's normal immune response to invasion by foreign substances; can be deliberate (as in lowering the immune response to prevent rejection of a transplanted organ) or incidental (as a side effect of radiotherapy or chemotherapy for cancer)
  10. anaclitic depression severe and progressive depression in infants who lose their mother and do not get a suitable substitute
  11. neurotic depression a term used for any state of depression that is not psychotic
  12. unipolar depression a major depressive episode that occurs without the manic phase that occurs in the classic form of bipolar disorder
  13. manic depression a mental disorder characterized by episodes of mania and depression
  14. gene expression conversion of the information encoded in a gene first into messenger RNA and then to a protein
  15. interspersion the act of combining one thing at intervals among other things
  16. expression the communication of your beliefs or opinions
  17. natural depression a sunken or depressed geological formation
  18. indigenousness nativeness by virtue of originating or occurring naturally
  19. transgression the violation of a law or a duty or moral principle
  20. abandoned person someone for whom hope has been abandoned