1. unfriendliness an unfriendly disposition
  2. Oliver Wendell Holmes United States writer of humorous essays (1809-1894)
  3. friendliness a feeling of liking for another person
  4. friendlessness being without friends
  5. overindulgence excessive indulgence
  6. Cardinal Newman English prelate and theologian who (with John Keble and Edward Pusey) founded the Oxford movement; Newman later turned to Roman Catholicism and became a cardinal (1801-1890)
  7. frontal eminence either prominence of the frontal bone above each orbit
  8. government the system or form by which a community is ruled
  9. Friendly Islands a monarchy on a Polynesian archipelago in the South Pacific
  10. groundlessness the quality of lacking substance or value
  11. overindulgent excessively indulgent
  12. indolent disinclined to work or exertion
  13. Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. United States jurist noted for his liberal opinions
  14. ignominious deserving or bringing disgrace or shame
  15. condolence an expression of sympathy with another's grief
  16. oriental person a member of an Oriental race
  17. frontal sinus one of a pair of cavities in the frontal bone
  18. friendless excluded from a society
  19. friendly takeover a takeover that is welcomed by the management of the target company
  20. unfriendly not friendly