1. echinoderm family a family of echinoderms
  2. eccentric conspicuously or grossly unconventional or unusual
  3. Echinodermata radially symmetrical marine invertebrates including e.g. starfish and sea urchins and sea cucumbers
  4. acanthus family widely distributed herbs and shrubs and trees
  5. echinoderm genus a genus of echinoderms
  6. echinoderm marine invertebrates with tube feet and five-part radially symmetrical bodies
  7. extended family a family consisting of the nuclear family and their blood relatives
  8. rhinoceros family rhinoceroses
  9. gymnosperm family a family of gymnosperms
  10. white-alder family coextensive with the genus Clethra
  11. ochna family family of tropical evergreen trees and shrubs with thick shining parallel-veined leaves
  12. ectodermal of or relating to the ectoderm
  13. worm family a family of worms
  14. oleaster family shrubs or small trees often armed
  15. aster family plants with heads composed of many florets: aster
  16. plane-tree family coextensive with the genus Platanus: plane trees
  17. linden family chiefly trees and shrubs of tropical and temperate regions of especially southeastern Asia and Brazil; genera Tilia, Corchorus, Entelea, Grewia, Sparmannia
  18. coelenterate family a family of coelenterates
  19. bacteria family a family of bacteria
  20. woodwind family (music) the family of woodwind instruments