1. eastern red cedar small juniper found east of Rocky Mountains having a conic crown, brown bark that peels in shreds, and small sharp needles
  2. western red cedar large valuable arborvitae of northwestern United States
  3. southern red cedar juniper of swampy coastal regions of southeastern United States; similar to eastern red cedar
  4. western redbud shrub of western United States having pink or crimson flowers; often forms thickets
  5. Eastern Desert a desert in Egypt between the Nile River and the Red Sea
  6. eastern dasyure a variety of dasyure
  7. southern white cedar slow-growing medium-sized cedar of east coast of the United States; resembles American arborvitae
  8. east northeast the compass point midway between northeast and east
  9. eastern hemisphere the hemisphere that includes Eurasia and Africa and Australia
  10. Port Orford cedar large timber tree of western North America with trunk diameter to 12 feet and height to 200 feet
  11. Eastern Orthodox of or relating to or characteristic of the Eastern Orthodox Church
  12. eastern woodrat large greyish-brown wood rat of the southeastern United States
  13. western ragweed coarse perennial ragweed with creeping roots of dry barren lands of southwestern United States and Mexico
  14. eastern pipistrel one of the smallest bats of eastern North America
  15. Western rattlesnake widely distributed between the Mississippi and the Rockies
  16. eastern cottontail widely distributed in United States except northwest and far west regions
  17. northern white cedar small evergreen of eastern North America having tiny scalelike leaves on flattened branchlets
  18. eastern meadowlark a meadowlark of eastern North America
  19. western hemisphere the hemisphere that includes North America and South America
  20. western dewberry American blackberry with oblong black fruit