1. east side the side that is on the east
  2. eastside of the eastern part of a city e.g. Manhattan
  3. west side the side that is on the west
  4. westside of the western part of a city
  5. astute marked by practical hardheaded intelligence
  6. East-sider a resident of the east side of Manhattan in New York City
  7. Astacidae crayfish
  8. cast aside throw or cast away
  9. astride with one leg on each side
  10. austerity excessive sternness
  11. West-sider a resident of the west side of Manhattan in New York City
  12. pesticide a chemical used to kill destructive insects or animals
  13. outside the region that is outside of something
  14. estimate judge tentatively
  15. east wind a wind from the east
  16. eastward toward the east
  17. astonied filled with the emotional impact of overwhelming surprise or shock
  18. Asteridae a group of mostly sympetalous herbs and some trees and shrubs mostly with 2 fused carpels; contains 43 families including Campanulales; Solanaceae; Scrophulariaceae; Labiatae; Verbenaceae; Rubiaceae; Compositae; sometimes classified as a superorder
  19. astasia inability to stand due to muscular incoordination
  20. asteroid a small celestial body composed of rock and metal